The judge passes sentence on Trevor

Sinead clears Joe’s bank account, gives Freddie the cash and tells him she wants nothing more to do with all this. She’s alarmed when she overhears an argument between Freddie and Lindsey and finds out the doctor has a dark secret. Freddie begs Lindsey not to tell Sandy the truth, she agrees but doesn’t promise to stop looking for Joe and shows Freddie and Sinead a positive pregnancy test. Holly and Jason hide in Cindy’s flat when they hear her come home. Back at the Roscoe’s, Lindsey gets a text from Joe’s phone, saying he doesn’t care about her or the baby. Unaware it was sent by Freddie, Lindsey takes a drastic step.

Sam takes Trevor to a safe house and is willing to give her information if he is given his freedom. However, S.I Marlow has already warned Fraser. Meanwhile, John Paul promises to help Carmel escape and drops her suitcase out of the bedroom window, before assuring her that he’ll bring Kathleen-Angel to her.

Sam is frustrated that Trevor still hasn’t given her what she wants and rips up their agreement until he does. Grace waits anxiously as the judge passes sentence on Trevor – he’s given a two-year suspended sentence. Trevor jumps into the back seat of Fraser’s car and puts a gun to his boss’s back.