The Kellys cause trouble for Tom

Davina’s reputation at Waterloo Road is at stake when she is accused of racism by a Maori supply teacher, Maaka Lacey. Their relationship rapidly deteriorates and, with just her word against an experienced teacher’s, will she be able to clear her name?

Tom, meanwhile, is unable to keep his struggle with the Kellys out of the classroom when a determined Earl pushes him to breaking point at school. He suffers a further blow when Chlo and Donte announce they are selling the family home – the Kellys have driven them out.

A shocked Rachel learns that her sister, Melissa, and Eddie are an item and an ill thought-out lie from Steph to save her from the clutches of Security Dave spells the end for Grantly’s marriage. Later, Tom returns to find a nasty surprise – a dead bird is lying on their doorstep. Earl has been busy again…