The Kennedys believe Zeke is dead

Susan and Karl leave for the hospital to identify a seriously injured patient, which may be Zeke. When they arrive at the hospital, Karl and Susan discover it’s not Zeke. The Kennedy

s find confronting the patient harder than they could have imagined and Susan breaks down. Karl reaches out to his wife to comfort her, finally admitting to himself and Susan that Zeke is actually dead.

Toadie tries to ignore Kelly’s mention of her ‘senses’ when she comes to talk about their issues. Callum asks Toadie why he’s being so mean to her, but when Toadie tries to talk to Kelly about how he feels, she tells him it’s too late, he should’ve supported her, not made her feel like a freak!

Lucas turns up at Elle’s place in a flash car and a flash suit to take her to lunch. He’s got a point to prove and tries to teach her a lesson by showing her what it’s like to be with a man from the big end of town! The car, the suit, it’s right up her alley afterall!

But things don’t go according to plan and harsh words are exchanged between them. Could it be over for Ramsay Street’s newest couple?

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