The Kennedys face more problems

The Kennedys are reeling from Paul’s article about their surrogacy plans. Despite Paul’s protestations that he had no idea who was involved, they refuse to believe him. They’re inundated with calls from journalists about the story, as is the hospital. Karl discovers that Paul was given a tip off about the surrogacy from a high ranking hospital board administrator, who is hoping the adverse publicity will allow him to shut down all IVF procedures at the hospital.

Karl enlists Paul’s help, and together they defeat the threat. When the hospital psychiatrist eventually agrees to let them go ahead with the IVF, the Kennedy’s are elated at the good news. However, Libby is suddenly brought down to earth when she is confronted by a furious Steph. Steph tells her that she is enraged that Libby has allowed Ben to change his name to Fitzgerald.

Harry realises hard-working Kate’s upset that she couldn’t join the other teens at the music festival. When he learns of a gig at Charlie’s, he secretly buys them both tickets. At the gig, Harry’s boyish enthusiasm, and the pounding raw rock sounds of the Michael Paynter Band finally allow her to let go a little.

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