The King brothers are arrested!

Rosemary warns Perdy that she’s playing a dangerous game by getting close to Matthew and tells Grayson to watch his wife more carefully. However both Perdy and Matthew are hopeful the information she passed on to the police about Rosemary’s first husband’s mysterious death will result in the Black Widow’s arrest.

But when Barraclough does arrive at Home Farm, it’s Matthew, Jimmy and Carl he wants down the station and promptly arrests all three.

Bob is upset at how much time he is spending away from the twins because of his demanding job. Desperate to see them more, he resorts to taking them on the road with him.

Billy spots Daz with Sarah and asks if he can see his granddaughter. Daz agrees but the happy family scene is ruined when a furious Andy comes storming over and warns Billy to stay out of his life forever.

Edna takes pity on the latest village leper, and asks Billy if he wants to lodge with her. He’s delighted to accept and Daz is thrilled his dad will be around for a while yet.