One by one the King brothers are interrogated over their father’s death and Jimmy is stunned to learn the fibres found on the murder weapon matches the suits they wore on the wedding day. Surely this means one of them has to be the killer? A panicking Kelly is hauled in and questioned over the alibi she gave Jimmy. She sticks to her story but is unsettled by this new twist.

Meanwhile, just as Rosemary is toasting the downfall of the King Brothers, the trio are released without charge much to everyone’s surprise, including their own.

Del decides to throw caution to the wind and throw herself into David’s arms and his bed. Wearing sexy underwear, she calls at his house and starts to seduce the young Mr Pollard. However just as they go upstairs, Del gets a shock when she sees someone at the window… it’s Rodney on his window-cleaning round!

Bob discovers taking the twins to his pitches is helping to double his sales figures, but can he persuade his miserable brother Eddie to allow him to bring them to work again?