Kelly and Chas unite in court to support Jimmy, Matthew and Carl. After hearing the statements, the magistrate grants all three bail but Kelly breaks down crying in Chas’s arms, blaming herself for the trouble Jimmy is in. Someone shares her belief… Jimmy! He refuses to forgive her, leaving Kelly distraught.

That night, Rosemary gloats how when they are all in prison, Home Farm will be all hers. Matthew is jolted into action and forms an uneasy alliance with his brothers to fight the charges.

Pearl is fearful when she sees Jimmy in the Woolpack and her fears are confirmed when he slyly delivers a veiled threat to her. Knowing she’ll be under more stress if she continues to work at Home Farm, she offers her resignation to Rosemary.

Zak is forced to take Belle to work to keep her occupied, but she gives him the slip and explores Home Farm. Perdy catches her, but Rosemary intervenes and shows an enchanted Belle around the grounds. The odd pair bond and Rosemary urges Zak to allow her to pay for Belle’s schooling.