Officer Abi has definitely let her guard down with Ryan and even smuggles him a mobile phone – so he can talk to his mum, you understand. He’d just better remember to set it on ‘silent’ as prison walls have ears. Declan’s also talking to Faye and tells her he’s convinced Nathan murdered Mark and will do everything he can to help prove Ryan’s innocence. Of course, they’re both still barking up the wrong tree, but they’re getting closer and closer to discovering who the real bad apple is in the Wylde family.

Leyla’s sudden family still has David confused and he turns to Pollard for advice. Yes, seriously. Bad idea! Not because Pollard hasn’t got a clue what to say, but because he says too much – to Alicia. She feels the secret’s leaking out to too many people and is terrified of Jacob finding out the truth about his mum and his other mum. So, she’s leaving – and taking Jacob with her.

Talking of secrets and lies, Carl’s spinning quite a web of deceit as he tells Chas his new phone is for work. Yeah, that Eve is a piece of work all right…

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