Ex-LAPD cop-turned-small town sheriff Arnold Schwarzenegger has to stop escaped drug lord Eduardo Noriega from getting to the Mexican border.

Arnie’s back in his first starring role since serving two terms as Governor of California and, as the bullets and one-liners start flying, it’s almost as if he’s never been away.

He just wants a quiet life, but things are set to get a good deal livelier when Mexican drug kingpin Noriega escapes from an FBI prisoner convoy and races towards the border in a supercharged Corvette.

With the agents helpless to intervene and the crook’s heavily armed cohorts already taking up their positions near the town, Schwarzenegger assembles a ragtag band – including local deputies Jaimie Alexander and Luis Guzmán and gun nut Johnny Knoxville – to hold the line.

Making his Hollywood debut, Korean director Kim Jee-woon delivers bursts of ferocious action interspersed with deadpan comedy.

Schwarzenegger gets the lion’s share of the gags, some of which play on his age and origins (‘People like you give us immigrants a bad name,’ he tells the villain), but even the occasional bystander gets the odd zinger.