Susan feels sorry for Paul Young share some soup with him. When Mike catches sight of them together, he’s not a happy hubby.

Tom and Lynette are invited to a prominent leadership conference. There are lots of high-profile people there. The best part of this little getaway trip is the fact there aren’t any kids. Lynette is annoyed to learn that she’s barred from the seminars because she’s only there as Tom’s guest. She can still do all the less-intellectual activities with Lee, who is at the conference as Bob’s “Plus-One.”

But Lynette has other ideas and ruins things big time. She swipes the credentials of a condescending businesswoman to sneak into the keynote speech. Too bad the pass belongs to the woman who is introducing the main speaker. Imagine Tom’s surprise to see his wife stumble through an impromptu speech before scurrying away in shame. Later, Renee tries to tell Lynette that she needs to get used to the fact that in Tom’s new world, she’s viewed as nothing more than a wife.

After discovering the identity of her new neighbour, Karen McCluskey recalls the night she saw Felicia Tilman frame Paul Young for murder. The two ladies catch up over coffee and Karen is shocked to learn Beth’s true identity.

Carlos forbids Gaby from seeing Bree. This is an extremely difficult situation, and not just because Bree has scones baking in the oven. Gaby loves those scones. These two gal pals miss each other. The game is up, however, once Carlos catches sight of a leftover slice of Bree’s upside-down cake in his kitchen. Gaby claims she made the tasty dessert, so Carlos wants her to make another one while he watches.

With some intriguing interplay with Bree, Gaby gets away with the cake deception, but Carlos uncovers his wife’s attempt to go on a secret spa trip with her forbidden friend. He wants Gaby to choose. It’s either him or Bree? A short time later, Gaby appears on Bree’s doorstep having made her choice. She asks Bree if she can stay with her for awhile. Of course, that means Juanita and Celia will be moving in, too.