Still dealing with her parents’ break-up, Bridget puts on a brave face for Declan’s surprise fancy dress party. Meanwhile, Nicola tries to make things up with Miranda but she isn’t interested. Encouraged by Susan and Rebecca, Miranda decides to attend the party, but is upset to learn that Steve has neither forgotten nor forgiven her for her betrayal.

Nicola turns up at the party and an upset Steve turns to her for comfort. As they talk in the bedroom, they end up sharing a kiss, as Nicola confesses her love for him. However, Miranda is stunned to see them coming out of the bedroom and storms out of the party. Meanwhile, Declan tells Bridget he saw Steve kissing Nicola.

After his return to the Kennedy fold, Angus has some making up to do to a hurt Rachel. Ty sticks up for her, but Rachel stands by Angus and they come to a new understanding about their relationship.

Dan gets a surprise answerphone message from Sam but chooses to delete it. Wanting to get on with his life, Dan pursues Libby at the party. But with Lucas now on the scene, Libby informs Dan he’s too late?

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