Rachel rejects Ty and his gift but, as she struggles to get back into normal teen life, she is disturbed to receive a creepy text message from an unknown source. She opts to stay in and babysit Charlie and Ben to avoid further confrontation with Ty when she learns he will be at the footy club slave auction. But she is unaware that someone is watching her. Rachel feels under siege as unsettling events lead to a power cut. An intruder breaks in and Rachel attacks him with a bat.

Libby has fun at the footy club slave auction as Lucas and Dan attempt to get her attention. Lucas engineers events so it’s impossible for her to avoid him, but is upset when Libby lets him down and makes it clear she is done with both Fitzgerald boys.

As Miranda and Nicola both get involved in a bidding war for Steve at the auction, Declan encounters fierce competition for Bridget when Josh bids for her too. Hurt by Josh’s desire for Bridget, Donna sabotages Josh’s bid to win by bidding for Bridget herself.

Ringo’s self-esteem issues come to the fore at the slave auction, and it’s left to Carmella to intervene by bidding for him at the last minute.