The locals gather for Edna’s funeral

The villagers gather to say a fond farewell to Edna, but it all gets a bit too much for a heartbroken Sandy. As Harriet leads the coffin into the church and Pearl reads her tribute, Sandy’s too upset to face it and walks out of the church! Worried about his dad’s overwhelming grief, Ashley chases after him and, as they sit together reminiscing by the river, Ashley helps him to come to say goodbye to Edna in his own way.

With Liv still reeling from the shocking conversation she overheard between Aaron and Robert about her dad, she nicks Chas’s phone and sends DS Wise a text saying she needs to meet with him as soon as possible. Fortunately, DS Wise quickly sets the record straight – but what will Aaron and Liv’s suspicions about Robert mean for them all?

Elsewhere, Holly’s crush on her stepdad Cain is getting out of control. Jealous of how loved up he and her mum are, she decides to meddle in their marriage by tearing up the gig tickets they bought for their anniversary – before landing the blame for it on Charity!