The locals unite in grief

Cindy, Dirk, Sienna, Tony and Diane unite in grief at the devastated site of Hollyoaks Pride. As the Gloved Hand burns the evidence Dr S’Avage collected, Dirk thinks Cindy’s having a manic episode when she rambles on about the hospital serial killer. Cindy goes to see DS Thorpe, who goes to the hospital and speaks to a panicked Lindsey and Kim who try to convince him Ashley’s death wasn’t suspicious. DS Thorpe goes to the mortuary to see Ashley’s body but it’s gone. At that moment, a pair of gloved hands push a casket into a crematorium van and it drives away. Who’s in the casket? And who’s trying to cover their tracks?

With Freddie, Robbie and Jason still trapped in the storm drain, Freddie tries to make an escape but fails – how are the brothers going to get out? As water starts pouring into the storm drain, they know time’s running out but Robbie’s separated from his brothers in another chamber and is too scared to swim under the water. As Freddie makes a daring attempt to save him, will he put his own life in danger? Jason makes an escape and calls for help. Later, an ambulance arrives at the hospital – but who has survived?

Harry tells Tony he’s been suspended because of the hotel mix-up. When Tony finds his son sat on The City Wall, he reassures him that he’s only angry that Harry lied to him, not that he’s gay. Diane decides to live for the moment and asks Tony to renew their wedding vows. They agree to do it tomorrow – on Ant, Rose and Dee Dee’s birthday.

Also, Ben uses Grace as bait to snare Trevor.