As Zack and Sonia prepare to find Lisa, Joanne has stayed at Cindy’s flat, but still hasn’t told Louis about her dealings with Margaret. Joanne sees Sonia and Zack waiting for a taxi and offers to drive them to a meeting with Margaret – but Simone and Louis aren’t far behind, leaving Margaret trapped. Later, at the police station, everyone’s stunned when they come face to face with the real Lisa Loveday!

As Ben and Grace exchange a war of words about whose wedding will be better, Sienna and Trevor listen awkwardly, still longing for each other. Sienna suggests to Trevor that they should tell Grace and Ben about their affair – he rejects the idea, but Sienna’s not convinced he really wants to marry Grace. With both Sienna and Grace asking Esther to help them with their wedding dresses, Esther’s just finishing Grace’s dress fitting when Sienna turns up and the brides get into a fight! Later, Trevor threatens Sienna to keep quiet.

Freddie’s trying to help stressed Joe, but he won’t let anyone in. Mercedes turns up and offers to help but when talk turns to Lindsey, Joe shuts her out too, saying he’s better off on his own with baby JJ. Mercedes goes behind Joe’s back and does some housework to ease the stress and tells Freddie she still loves Joe.

Also, Frankie tries to set Esther up on another date to make up for yesterday but unwittingly sets her up with someone she knows… Kim.