Ian and Jane are interrupted by Sharon, who has brought Jay round to make a confession. Jay admits that Ben mugged Lucy for her phone and wallet, burying them after Lucy was found dead. As Jane and Ian talk things through, Bobby listens from the stairs. After briefly wondering whether they should let Ben take the rap to save Bobby, Jane and Ian realise they can’t land him in it. Jane and Ian agree to get rid of Lucy’s phone and wallet but are shocked to find they’ve gone missing. Holding the phone and wallet, Bobby stands outside the police station…

Marsden pushes some boundaries when she takes Ben aside to ask him about Lucy’s murder. After Richie arrives, she tells Ben to give no comment to any question in the official police interview. Keeble has a witness, a taxi driver who says he saw Ben with Lucy on the night she was murdered. Keeble confirms with the taxi driver that he also saw Max that night.

Abi is angry when Max tells her not to go to the police station to see what’s happening with Ben. Claiming Max would be pleased if Ben got sent down for the murder, Abi hints it would get Max off the hook, considering he suspiciously disappeared that night. Worried Abi’s going to blurt out something in front of the police, Carol encourages Max to go to the police station with her.

Also, Lola comforts a worried Jay and they are soon kissing.