The Maguires’ house is on fire!

As Leah and the clan make their way home from The Diner, the family has a run-in with Billie. Yet, that’s the least of their problems as they notice thick flames coming from the house…

Charlotte tells Andy that Matt has naked pictures of her. Andy gets Matt to delete the incriminating evidence, but later Matt smugly tells Charlotte he has the pictures saved on his computer. Reeling, Charlotte makes her way to The Diner and overhears Leah discussing that she will have a free house for the first time in days.

Aware that they live in a house full of teenagers, Leah and Zac start to worry that they won’t have any alone time. So the lovebirds decide they will have a weekly date night to keep the romance alive.

Billie tries to apologise to Chris, but he doesn’t want to hear her sob story. However, Billie soon has bigger problems when she discovers someone has written ‘skank’ across her car. As Andy approaches to ask what’s wrong, Billie lashes out and quits her job.