The marriage omens are bad

As they prepare for their big wedding day, Toadie and Steph worry when they go through a series of terrible omens. First, Toadie’s suit is the wrong fit, and then his trousers rip, before Frazer produces wedding rings intended for another couple.

Meanwhile, across the street, Steph is devastated to hear that Lyn and Oscar won’t be able to come to the wedding as Oscar has appendicitis. After Charlie ends up ruining the cake, it’s left to Susan and Harold to try to see Toadie and Steph through their respective bucks’ and hens’ nights.

Susan tries to ignore her illness while her symptoms continue to get worse. Her family and Karl try to help her see that she has to make some compromises, like using a walking stick and going to an MS retreat, but Susan reacts angrily and insists on soldiering on herself.

Later, at the wedding rehearsal, Susan is practising her reading in church when she dramatically collapses at the lectern. Karl calls an ambulance, before reassuring her that everything will be OK.

Also, Paul flirts with Kirsten and she invites him out for a drink.

*Showing on RTE One, Tuesday May 20*

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