The Masoods meet Kush’s mum

Shabnam is relieved when Masood confesses that although he found her daughter, he had second thoughts about making contact. After dinner, Masood takes Carmel to the Vic where they bond over being a parent. When Shabnam discovers Masood has told Carmel about her baby, she’s furious with him for discussing it.

Kim struggles with Donna’s bombshell about Vincent and the disappearing drug dealer. Although Vincent denies having feelings for Ronnie, Kim storms out. Vincent realises what she’s up to, calling Ronnie to warn her. At the hospital, Kim pushes Ronnie too far causing Ronnie to hint that Vincent does have feelings for her. Returning to the Square, Kim tells Vincent it’s over between them. Vincent later visits Kim and persuades her to take him back.

Roxy has witnessed the exchange between Ronnie and Kim and, stunned that there may be something between Ronnie and Vincent, runs out. Ronnie is fearful that Roxy will tell Charlie, but instead she heads to the Vic to get drunk. Not wanting to fall out with Ronnie, Roxy returns to the hospital to make amends, having kept her silence. Meanwhile Vincent visits Charlie instead, telling him Ronnie is in love with him!