Even after umpteen viewings, this sci-fi movie starring Keanu Reeves still impresses with its ground-breaking visuals, effects and brain-teasing plot.

Reeves is perfectly cast as computer whiz and hacker Neo. After being arrested by a sinister Hugo Weaving and his agents and meeting freedom fighters Laurence Fishburne and Carrie-Anne Moss, Reeves is forced to radically rethink his idea of reality and face his destiny.

A supercharged spree down the information superhighway, this is about as exciting and fascinating as sci-fi films can be with writer-directors The Wachowski Brothers’ taking viewers on a dizzying ride through a virtual reality world controlled by a vast network of artificially intelligent computers – the matrix.

Originally written as a comic book, the almost completely impenetrable storyline is really just an excellent excuse for a series of truly stunning action sequences with eye-popping effects.

The two not-quite-so-dazzling sequels follow, Reloaded at 6.30pm and Revolutions at 9.00pm.