The McQueen sisters come to blows!

Mercedes and Carmel hope to put their differences aside to ensure a smooth opening night, but it soon descends into chaos when the girls end up pulling each other’s hair out!

Leanne is worried when her interrogation turns to her fake wedding with Doug, her obsessive relationship with Lee and the photo of her arguing with Tex. She has no defence when they pull out Texas’s phone and she’s charged with murder!

Meanwhile, Robbie is desperate for cash and, when he overhears that Cindy hasn’t banked the Price Slice takings, he asks Finn to help. Robbie wants Ste to pay him, but he won’t pay up until the club is closed down, so when Browning confronts Robbie, he grasses Ste up.

Also, John Paul feels guilty about ignoring Doug after their night together. He takes the opportunity to show his sympathy about Texas and Leanne, which Doug rebuffs. Later, JP spies a tender moment between Doug and Ste.