The McQueens are all dealing with Tina’s death. Mercedes just wants to forget about it, but Michaela convinces her to join them at the memorial that Carmel has planned. Carmel is hurt that her service has been ruined when Jackie arrives and flees upstairs in tears. Myra, Mercedes and Michaela later join her, offering to celebrate Tina’s memory instead.

Elliot is still reeling after Leila told him she slept with Archie. He tells Zak and Kris and reveals he was caught with Sheila. Kris and Zak head to Leila’s party, only to find that Archie is already there. Elliot flies in sending Archie crashing down onto a table. A fight ensues until Zak and Leila manage to drag Elliot and Archie apart.

Anita is pleased when Ricky arrives at the house party and insists they are just friends, but Leila’s not impressed when Archie arrives. Anita makes a drunken pass at Ricky, and is sick in font of Ravi. Zak, Kris and Elliot arrive, much to Leila’s horror, especially when Elliot and Archie start fighting. Theresa then turns up, and kisses Ricky just as Anita walks out. It’s the final straw for Ravi…

Also, Jacqui returns and is soon dancing around the living room along with her family.

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