The McQueens fake Jacqui’s death

The McQueens are alarmed to find a beaten and bloodied Ste on their doorstep with a sack over his head. Ste tells them that if Trevor doesn’t get what he wants, Jacqui, he’ll kill Vincent and then come to find the rest of them. The McQueens decide to flee, until Browning comes up with a plan B – fake Jacqui’s death.

Browning goes for an interview for a consultant position. When talk turns to Lynsey and he finds press cuttings from her murder in his files, he lashes out at the interviewer and is escorted out.

Freddie tracks Lindsey down at the family planning clinic and tries to convince her to reconsider or at least tell Joe. She changes her mind and tells Joe the good news, on the surface he’s happy, but what no one else knows is that the garage has been served with bankruptcy. He realises he needs a drastic plan to save his family.

Ziggy is waiting for Cindy to turn up for their date but he soon jumps to the conclusion that Cindy’s dead or been kidnapped, why else would she have stood him up?