The McQueens’ plan ends in disaster for Sonny

When Sonny kicks Carmel out without Kathleen Angel, the McQueens jump into action to get revenge. Myra, Mercedes and Phoebe hide in Sonny’s car and handcuff him while Myra takes the wheel. When they arrive at the lake, the girls all get out of the car – but they start panicking as Sonny and his car start to roll into the water….

Meanwhile, Sinead is worried when she finds Ste in pain at The Hutch after a drink and drugs binge. At the hospital, she wants him to admit he’s a drug addict so he can get some help. But when Ste refuses to listen to Sinead, she tells him he’s on his own from now on.

Also, Darren launches a vendetta against the O’Connors when he puts posters up to stop people going to The Hutch after Nancy’s attack. But he soon finds himself on the wrong side of the law when the police arrive and arrest him for harassment. Darren’s given a warning and Nancy makes him apologise to Diane.

And John Paul is saddened when he hears about Nana’s stroke and goes to the hospital with her for tests.