The McQueens tell Theresa to leave!

The McQueen’s hastily advise Theresa to leave with baby Kathleen-Angel when she’s frightened of Kyle returning. Myra and Jacqui tell her that Carmel will never be able to forgive her for killing Calvin and when Carmel shouts at her later Theresa realizes they’re right. She returns home and after heart to heart with Jacqui she decides to take Kathleen-Angel and run.

Rae is in hospital and blames Brendan when she is at risk of losing the baby. He panics and rings Ste, but when Ste continues to ignore his calls he leaves a number of frantic voice messages. Ste gets the messages and Brendan’s gutted when he storms in to the hospital and Rae tells him she’s lost the baby.

Kyle turns up at the club and asks for Brendan. Warren’s confused about who Kyle is but tells him Brendan isn’t around. Later, Warren overhears Brendan and Kyle talking about how they’re going to get Theresa to confess.

Also; Tom is shocked when Esther admits she’ll stick up for him in court. She decides to make things up to him with some fun in the park; Gilly and Lynsey agree to take things slow.

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