Eva sees Alistair and he’s going to use her to make Cindy jealous. Unaware, Eva flirts with the newly single millionaire. When a jealous Cindy arrives she tells Alistair she’s reconsidered his proposal, hoping he’ll die before a divorce. Myra’s fuming, she and Theresa secretly steal the CCTV footage of the day Myra saved Alistair’s life. They have Cindy over a barrel.

Sinead’s still upset after yesterday and Diane tries to repair things between them. She tries to talk to Finn, but when she talks about having a baby of her own he’s hurt. Diane has no idea how selfish she sounds to Finn, who wants her to think of him as her own.

India and Tex see Alistair and it seems his recent medical scare might have been for show. Tex and India are on their knees asking for more handouts, as they’re practically homeless. But Alistair tells them he’ll put them up in a cheap B&B for now. He’s washed his hands of them.

Also; Ste catches Brendan with a mysterious package. He examines the dodgy parcel and hides it in a safer spot. When Brendan sees it’s missing, he’s on Ste in a heartbeat. When Ste gives up the parcel, Brendan may have a new recruit.

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