The Mill bids farewell to Julia

After checking her email, Julia calls to tell Martin that the cottage hospital has offered her the job. At work, she asks Karen to organise a partners’ meeting before surgery. But when she says she’s planning to take the job and leave The Mill straight away, Heston enquires about her notice period. Zara and Daniel think Heston will talk her out of leaving.

Karen overhears their conversation and vows to give her a good send-off but Heston can’t let her go. Karen is busy calling Martin to organise a party and sends Imogen to get her a leaving card. Julia asks Zara to have a word with Heston but Zara also thinks Julia must see out the month.

When the cottage hospital rings, Julia asks if she can delay her start date for a month but, since they have another candidate willing to start straightaway, they tell her they can’t give her the time. Annoyed, Julia tells Daniel and Zara they’ve got their way – she’s turned down the job.

When Julia meets Elaine for lunch, she’s shocked by the realisation that, without the job prospect, life with Martin wouldn’t be enough to take her to Wales. Heston tells Daniel and Zara that he doesn’t want Julia to rush into the relationship but they say Julia needs to make her own mistakes.

When Julia arrives back from lunch and sees Martin, she asks him to take a walk. As they walk, she thinks back over her life at the Letherbridge health centres and vows that she can’t leave The Mill in the lurch, leaving Martin heartbroken. But when she goes to tell Heston she’s changed her mind, he tells her to go for it and the team say a fond farewell to Julia.