At an isolated stately home, the team gather for a murder mystery evening. Karen is lady of the manor with Rob the butler, Mrs Tembe the cook, Gordon the reverend, Heston a professor, Howard a decorated war hero and finally a reluctant Zara dressed as seductress. Billie, one of the evening’s organisers and actress, says they must question each other and search for clues to discover who the murderer is.

As they look for clues, prison guard Phil arrives to warn there’s an escaped prisoner on the loose. Everyone thinks this is part of the entertainment but Billie and husband Alan say it’s real. As they all pair up to secure the building, Gordon accompanies Mrs Tembe to try and jump start Howard’s car, keen to reveal his deep feelings for her. But Mrs Tembe doesn’t catch on and picks up a candlestick, determined to catch the criminal herself.

Howard wants to prove his worth to Zara, who is impressed by his army skills. But when they are pounced on by Mrs Tembe, Zara storms off after ripping her dress. In the drawing room, Heston grows suspicious of Phil’s twitchy manner and the way he won’t let him treat a cut on his head… As the others all reassemble in the drawing room, Karen accuses Phil of being the prisoner; his trousers don’t fit, he stole them off the real prison officer!

As the team close in on a fleeing Phil, Rob shouts that Phil is an actor, it’s all part of the game. As they all head home, Howard’s disappointed when Zara claims nothing has changed, she still doesn’t think he’s partner material. Meanwhile, Gordon stuns Mrs Tembe when he says he wants her to understand how much he cares for her, as more than just a parishioner or friend.