The Mill gets a new trainee

Howard is un-nerved when an excited young man, Sid, turns up and introduces himself as the new F2. Heston takes a shine to him, but Howard insists Zara would be the right person to mentor him. Later, Al privately advises Sid to curb his enthusiasm but his words fall on deaf ears as Sid starts chattering away again.

Emma is on duty when a woman with a bang on her head comes in suffering memory loss. The woman, Louise, is worried she may have hurt her baby but can’t remember clearly. She eventually gives her address and the baby is found distressed but unhurt. Emma assures a troubled Louise she will get the medical help she needs.

Heather is resting after her recent medical scare and Jimmi presents her with a gift – surgical stockings – and suggests they go for a walk. As they stroll through the park, they see a family with a toddler and they realise Jimmi might not be her baby’s real father but they will still be a loving family regardless.