The Mill goes into lockdown

The Mill is thrown into lock down when the authorities suspect that someone inside is infected with a deadly virus. The situation starts in a hotel room with Charlotte discovering a rash on her shoulder that soon spreads to her face. She then wakes up in an isolation tent with the doctor asking if she’s been in contact with anyone else, and if so, where are they? Charlotte says only “The Mill” and passes out…

At The Mill, Cherry is trying to take blood from an difficult girl called Vic while Jimmi, Heston and Zara are also deeling with their own patients when Julia takes a call to say they have ‘code blue’ situation, which means there’s a high risk of airborne biological threat. Julia’s sure it’ll just be a drill, but she asks Karen to phone around the doctors – everyone has to stay where they are.

The situation soon escalates when Vic spits in Cherry’s face and Heston’s patient who has just spent three weeks in the Congo ends up knocking Jimmi unconscious. At the Campus, Simon hears about the code blue and sees his friend George, a virologist, who might be able to help.

Meanwhile, back at The Mill Vic tells Cherry about her fractious relationship with her father as Karen tries to escape when she sees men in biohazard suits.

Elaine finds a dazed Jimmi who, anxious about contamination, won’t let her touch his head wound. Zara arrives at Daniel’s door, saying if she’s dying she doesn’t want it to be with a stranger. Before long they are both ripping each others clothes off.

A call from Mrs Tembe confirms to Cherry that Vic knows who Charlotte is just as Simon realises Vic is George’s daughter who caught the virus from one of his experiments gone wrong.

Simon gets him to suggest an antiviral that could stabilise Cherry and calls Jimmi to administer it to her. But is it too late?

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