The Mill is hit by tragic events

Emma and Howard arrive for work, together and loved up. However, Karen and Mrs Tembe notice Howard is a bit off-colour. Later, Emma and Howard enjoy talking about the future for their family. Back at The Mill, Emma winces in pain and, after a call to Ruhma, she decides to go in for a check-up while Niamh goes to get Howard. Howard and Emma go for a scan and their worst fears are confirmed – a miscarriage has started. Later, Howard walks down the corridor and his vision starts to blur before he collapses. As Ruhma wheels Emma out, she sees Howard on the floor. The heart monitor on the crash cart flatlines and she struggles to process that Howard is dead!

Elsewhere, Jimmi has clocked on to the fact that Sid is yet again booked solid with patients and once he starts to talk about the ‘nocebo’ effect, Jimmi is disgruntled. Ayesha wants to learn more, but the discussion ends with Jimmi telling Sid how unprofessional he thinks the idea is. Ayesha is furious and calls Jimmi out on his behaviour.