The Mill is under inspection

The Mill is under inspection, but Valerie thinks there is more to the inspector than meets the eye. And it seems she’s right when she discovers that a disabled mother is acting selfishly because she doesn’t think she can cope without her only son, who wants to go to University.

Jimmi visits Mrs Tembe at her new surgery, Kings Green, and she tells him the difficulties that they are having there have made her appreciate why Anthony is the way he is. Jimmi finds this interesting, as he is considering his future at The Mill with Anthony there. Mrs Tembe tells him that it would be a crime for him to stop being a GP, and Jimmi goes away with pause for thought.

Anthony puts it to Daniel and Zara that they could take over the struggling Kings Green surgery, and while they aren’t sure at first, he gets to work on convincing them that it’s a good idea. It is decided that they need to run the idea past the other partner, Jimmi, before making a decision…