The Mill rallies round Heston

Heston arrives for work a broken man and ignores his colleagues’ concern as he heads to Julia’s office, where he confirms that Kevin’s assertions were correct. He admits Marina has been beating him and that he tried to get rid of Kevin, who had guessed what was going on. As he leaves, Julia is forced to apologise to Kevin and tell him the complaint has been dropped.

As word gets around the surgery, there’s general astonishment that no one suspected anything. Later, Mrs Tembe finds Heston outside his house, scared to go in. They go in together and find Marina has left her key and a note saying she’s sorry. Heston is relieved.

Meanwhile, Rob arrives at the new house with an Indian takeaway, but a row ensues when he forgets the naan bread. Imogen pretends to be upset in an attempt to get them to stop arguing when really she’s just hungry. They rumble her, but it gets them laughing. As they go out, a window is left open…

Also, can Jimmi help a teenage runaway, who has been drawn into a dangerous situation, realise there’s no place like home?