The Mill staff await their fate

It’s D-Day at The Mill and Howard preps the team for the reaccreditation. After yesterday’s run-in with Howard, Elaine is reluctant to co-operate, especially after she feels that Howard has sidelined her counselling work. Elaine manages to antagonise Howard with her attitude and he’s fuming when she storms out on a house call.

When the Responsible Officer, Jason Weaver, arrives the staff begin to panic, thinking he’s there to cull doctors. The staff are on edge as Weaver dips into practice life and as the individual presentations get underway, Howard panics that if Elaine doesn’t return soon to be re-accredited, they might not be able to employ her anymore. Elaine eventually returns to work and impresses Weaver with her presentation.

The staff are on tenterhooks as Weaver delivers his verdict and declares staff and practice fit for service. Overjoyed, the staff decide to go for a drink to celebrate, but Daniel slopes off and heads home. But he can’t face going in and lies to Zara that he’s still at work before driving away.

Also, a dying man begs Elaine to lie for him, but will she break the rules to make his last wish come true?