Dawn, Mickey and Summer are trapped inside the burning house. There’s a moment of panic when Mickey faints as he tries to pass Summer to Jase from the window, but Jase deftly catches her. Vinnie gets the locals together to hold out the giant Union Jack from the pub and Dawn manages to push Mickey from the window to safety.

Dawn has an injured ankle and is still trapped in the house and she is soon overcome by the smoke. A desperate Keith stuns everyone when he rushes in through the flames to rescue her. Keith carries out an unconscious Dawn and she’s rushed to hospital. The flames are doused, and May is brought out in a bodybag.

Jack, Tanya and the girls are having fun in the club but Jack accidentally upsets Abi and she rushes out. Jack finds her crying in the VIP room and tries to comfort her, but Abi is defiant. Tanya tells Jack that the time is not right for them to be together. Meanwhile, Abi sneaks Tanya’s phone out of her bag and sends a text to Max…

Also, the fire brings back painful memories for Zainab.

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