Kevin arrives at work to find all his patients have cancelled. He gratefully accepts one of Zara’s home visits and the consultation is going well until the patient realises who Kevin is and has a massive panic attack. And when the patient refuses to let Kevin treat her, he’s forced to call an ambulance.

Zara suggests to Julia they send a letter out to all patients explaining that Kevin has been fully exonerated. Julia worries this might just add fuel to the fire. But when Kevin returns from his disastrous home visit she calls Imogen in to help do an emergency mail-out to all patients.

Having forgotten Heston’s opening night the next day, Julia orders everyone to attend. Heston is grateful for the support, but Julia breaks down when he mentions the haemorrhaging patient list. Can The Mill survive this crisis?

Also, when Cherry is given an old teddy bear by an elderly patient she is shocked to discover it has a message for her.