The Mill’s new practice manager arrives

Mrs Tembe is disappointed after learning she was unsuccessful in her application for the practice manager’s position, but there’s no time to dwell as the successful candidate arrives. Heston introduces their new staff member, Howard Bellamy, who proceeds to ruffle a few feathers with his brusque manner.

Howard says he’ll do his best to get the team through the reaccreditation and begins to appraise all aspects of surgery life. Kevin’s ego is boosted when Howard gives him a special project as the rest of the team complain about their ‘homework’ to be completed for the next day. As Howard erases all trace of Julia, Freya thinks that life at The Mill will never be the same again.

Meanwhile, ‘Chimmi’ go running again, but they’re at cross purposes as Jimmi wants to run and Cherry wants to talk so Cherry reluctantly lets Jimmi run on.

Also, a student protest causes a rift between Mandy and Freya, but Mandy puts herself in danger when she tries to prove a point.