The Missing

As the finale looms of this gripping series, is this messy web any closer to being untangled? Stars Keeley Hawes

The tension is unbearable as we reach the penultimate episode of this drama, starring Keeley Hawes, and some pieces of the jigsaw are put into place.

We’ve been teased for weeks about what happened in Iraq with Adrian Stone and Henry Reed during the Gulf War, and this week there are some intriguing and horrifying flashbacks to 1991.

But as Julien finally seems to get some answers in Germany in the present day, his recklessness lands him in hot water.

Meanwhile, as Sam and Gemma try to deal with Matthew’s actions, Julien gets Gemma to take a huge risk in a last attempt to get to the truth. We can’t wait for next week’s finale, when (hopefully!) all will be revealed.