Phil and Ian are still at the side of the lake desperate to see if Peter is still alive. Phil gives an unconscious Peter mouth-to-mouth and he begins to breathe. Peter is rushed to hospital and a grateful Ian hugs Phil as Peter is revived. It looks like the Mitchell and Beale feud is finally over as the two families are united after their terrifying drama.

Naomi is pleased when she learns the news that she’s got a job at the children’s hospital and she tells May that she’ll be quitting her job as receptionist at the GPs. Naomi later has a run-in with May when she discovers that one of their patients, Mrs Patel, was allocated a double prescription of her tablets. A guilty May tries to brush off her questions and Naomi is left feeling suspicious.

Bradley quizzes Stacey about the older bloke she’s been seeing and he admits that he had a look at her texts. Stacey tells Max that Bradley’s been asking awkward questions and Max feels uncomfortable. He tells Stacey to do something about Bradley so Stacey tells Bradley that her mystery man ‘Jerry’ has dumped her.

Also, Ian lets Billy mind the stall while the Beales go on holiday.

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