The Mitchells are still at war

Ronnie is depressed when Peggy won’t listen to her warnings about Archie, who has offered to cook a family meal. Ronnie ends up in another confrontation with Archie, who tells Ronnie to stop living in the past. Ronnie is sceptical when Archie insists that he wants to be with Peggy. Meanwhile, Phil gets wound up by Sean and punches him. An exasperated Peggy has had enough of her family’s behaviour and calls off the engagement!

Clare leaves the house in a mess and Bradley and Stacey are left to clear it up. A depressed Clare gets drunk at the Vic and brings Garry back to the house, who thinks he’s on a promise. Garry is left wanting when Clare just wants to talk. They are interrupted by a disapproving Dot, Bradley and Stacey, who assume that there’s something naughty going on.

The Masoods plan their new catering business ‘Masala Masood’, but they are sure that they don’t want Ian Beale’s involvement. Tam borrows Peter’s laptop to design the flyers and Peter catches him out, but instead of telling Ian, Peter offers to help.

Also, Shirley is angry when Suzy makes herself at home at the Vic; Ben sulks when Phil signs him up for a basketball class.

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