Peggy slaps Archie for pushing Ronnie. Peggy is disgusted when a scantily clad Janine asks Archie to come back to bed. Peggy tells Ben and Phil that Ronnie is in hospital and she’s lost the baby. Peggy draws the raffle in the bar and the punters raise a toast. Archie and Janine arrive and Peggy and the Mitchells move out. Peggy sadly hands her licensee plaque to Charlie and tells him to bin it.

Christian corners Syed and tells him that it’s their last chance to escape together. Christian reveals he’s bought a one-way ticket for both of them to Barcelona and the taxi is booked for six o’clock. Christian waves goodbye to Jane at the nativity play and sets off.

Bianca turns down Janine’s offer to have them over for Christmas Day. Ricky is miserable when Janine snidely comments that he is hardly part of Bianca’s family. Ricky tells Bianca that he should look for a place of his own. Tiffany reads out her letter to Father Christmas. Later, Bianca sees the last wish on the list asking that her mummy and daddy get married.

Also, Mo wins Max’s car in the raffle; Heather and Darren feel awkward when they’re roped into the nativity play.

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