The morning after the night before

This week Connie and Jacob wake up in the clinical lead’s bed, having spent the night together. And it looks like they’re on their way to becoming an item (Jacob even makes Connie breakfast) until a clash at work threatens their budding relationship…

A conflict over the resuscitation of a seriously ill patient results in strong words. Connie mistakenly thinks Jacob expects her to side with him, just because they slept together – says so in front of everyone in resus!

Later, Charlie quietly gives Connie a few words of advise and reminds her, she can do her job and have a private life. It’s food for thought, and Connie knows she needs to apologise to Jacob. Fortunately he’s in a forgiving mood and the pair leave the hospital together on her motorbike.

Elsewhere, Dixie decides to ask Jess straight-out whether her partner Nikki is abusive. However, Jess is deeply insulted and files an official harassment charge against Dixie!

Lofty and both Robyn consider applying for the new Band 6 position. However, Robyn changes her mind, and decides to concentrate on a fundraising project for the ED. And new receptionist Jack is fuming with Big Mac for taking away his Christmas decorations! Later, however, he’s left red faced when Rita tells him Mac was under hospital orders. Mac gets his own back by leaving Jack to pay an expensive after-work bar bill!

Meanwhile, Charlie does everything he can to help Cal locate his birth mother, but even with his professional contacts, it’s a tougher task than they first anticipated.