A procession of motorcycles marks the start of Alan Turner’s funeral. As Victoria puts pressure on Jude to duck out so Ashley can take over, her stress levels sky rocket when Alan’s jailbird daughter Steph turns up! Declan’s given a shock, too, as his estranged wife Katie joins the congregation. After an emotional ceremony, the mourners regroup at Home Farm where Steph causes more drama as she escapes her prison guard!

At Butler’s, Moira asks her nephew to leave. But it’s too little too late for Laurel who tells Moira she’s a terrible friend for putting up the man who threatened her life. Ashley quits his job in support of his wronged ex-wife. Meanwhile, as Ross prepares to go, he asks Cain if he wants in a on a moneymaking job. He’s planning to steal Declan’s car.

A promotion prompts Jude to suggest Ashley tries to get his job back at the church.