*One hour special*

The King brothers head to court for their trial and Matthew continues to harass Jimmy, convinced that he’s the guilty brother. Carrie and a worried Scarlett turn up in court just as the brothers plead ‘not guilty’. Things are looking bad for the Kings until a shock revelation outside the court turns the case on it’s head.

Meanwhile, Louise is in a critical condition in hospital and a distraught Scarlett accuses Hari of causing Louise’s crash on purpose. Hari is unnerved when the police arrive to take a statement about the crash. Hari is left alone with the unconscious Louise and realise that he needs to keep Louise quiet, whatever it takes…

The Emmerdale pageant kicks off with celeb guest Katherine Jenkins, but the opera singer ends up drenched in champagne when Jonny lets fly a champagne cork. Belle lends Katherine Katie’s beauty pageant dress and passes Jo’s dress on to Katie. Jo and Katie end up in a vicious cat fight when a furious Jo finds out!

But there’s horror for the villagers when they find out that Len has passed away and the pageant comes to a devastating end.