The Musketeers

The episode originally scheduled for Saturday, June 11, screens tonight

It’s a bit like a tense family reunion at Ed Miliband’s house in tonight’s episode (originally scheduled for Saturday, June 11), as Louis drags his estranged brother, Gaston (Andre Flynn), out of exile. The strangely preoccupied King is pretty keen to bury the hatchet, but with Governor Feron (Rupert Everett) stirring up trouble on the sidelines it isn’t going to be straightforward.

While the politics play out in court, it’s hardly a barrel of laughs on the streets either, as the rebels become restless and take Treville and Porthos as their hostages. With a massive secret about to be revealed and even the unflappable hero Athos feeling the pressure, the series is about to take a dark and dangerous turn. Prepare for battle, viewers…