The mystery of Mr Druce

Three youngsters, Michael, Lizzie and Peter Morley, can’t resist exploring the overgrown gardens of a derelict local house, despite their dad telling them to stay away. But when Lizzie spots someone inside the house, the scared children panic and run. Mysteriously, though, only Michael and Lizzie make it home. Peter has disappeared…

The police are called in, but Lizzie and Michael don’t reveal where they were when they lost their brother for fear of getting into trouble. Concerned for the missing boy’s welfare, the whole village starts looking for Peter. But they’re not looking in the right area until Pc Wetherby gets Lizzie and Michael to reveal exactly where they were playing.

That’s when Peggy starts telling the village about the mysterious Mr Druce, who lived in the derelict house. According to Peggy, he had a Spanish wife and she disappeared. Peter is eventually found down a well but someone firing a gun from the derelict house hinders his rescue. Is someone living there after all?

Meanwhile, journalists have descended on the village to feed on the story, but one reporter finds something – or, more to the point, someone – else to write about, courtesy of gossip-monger Peggy, who has let her imagination run wild. It leads to embarrassment for Gina and shame for Blaketon. Is this the end of their friendship?