The net closes in around Sean

Sean is still missing and the police launch a search and question Carly and Stacey. The girls are adamant that Sean is innocent of the attack. Gus sees Sean and goes to dial 999 but Sean realises what he’s up to and smashes up Gus’s phone. Deano is having second thoughts about ratting on Sean, but Chelsea insists that they did the right thing. Sean is trapped in the Square by the police and he takes refuge in the Vic cellar but is spotted by a policewoman. After a chase, Sean is wrestled to the ground and bundled into a police car.

Meanwhile, Yolande is in pieces when the surgeon tells her that a seriously injured Patrick might not pull through, especially as they argued about gambling just before he was attacked.

Tanya discovers an open bottle of whisky at home and worries that Lauren has been at the booze. She flies off the handle, nervous at the memories of Rainie, who started off her addictions with alcohol. Lauren runs off and Max finds her sulking in the children’s playground. Tanya is relieved to see her daughter back safe and sound.

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