*Hour Long Episode*

Karl’s panic-stricken when the police come calling about Craig’s disappearance. Meanwhile, Dev and Jason are speculating about the connection between Craig and Karl. Karl’s spooked to see that Craig is ringing him and slips out to take the call. He finds Craig living rough. But when Craig tells him he’s going to hand himself into the police Karl tries to convince him to keep quiet.

The factory girls visit Hayley in hospital while Roy is struggling and can’t bring himself to open up the cafe. Trying to remain positive Hayley tells Roy’s there’s so many things she wants to do with life …

David and Kylie are making a fuss of Max for his birthday, but when they start discussing Lily’s christening he goes into a mood again. It’s clear a birthday tea isn’t going to cheer Max up so Kylie and Max are delighted when David suggests he adopt Max. But David brims with mixed emotions, so desperate to cement his family together, and his guilt overwhelms him and he goes to visit Nick at the hospital.

Also, Audrey looks forward to getting her house back to normal, but Owen has bad news for her.