The net closes in on Will

When Ash is left looking after her mum while Callum goes away for Esther’s 18th birthday, Will offers to move in. Dodger tells Will the police want to see them about their mother’s death leaving Will paranoid about what they’ve found. They record a verdict of accidental death, but when Dodge realises his mum’s locket is missing from her personal items, Ash suggests the killer might have it.

Mercedes and Sinead join forces in order to bid farewell to Trevor one last time, as Mercedes plans to plant Trent’s ID card on Trevor and sneaks into his office. She’s caught red handed and thrown out of the club by the man himself.

Feeling more alone than ever, Tom concocts a plan with Peri to win his family back. They sit together in class and he tells her about his problems with Darren and Jack at home. She suggests he do something to bring them both together, like get in trouble at school.

As the odds are stacked against him, will anybody save Ste from a life behind bars?