The Dingles gather to christen the new addition to their clan. With the baby’s mother Charity stuck in the clink it’s down to Debbie to do the honours and play mum to her tiny new brother. Moira is unimpressed when Cain fails to show his face at Moses’s ceremony. But Moses had better get used to it as later Debbie disappears from the event, too!

Unable to stop thinking about her secret lover Ross, Debbie feeds fiance Pete a line about needing to go to the garage. Alone together, Debbie admits she feels trapped. When Ross asks her who she wants, Debbie claims not to know – but as she pulls him towards her, her actions speak louder than words.

Harriet’s not fooled by Ashley and confronts him for lying in court to save Victoria. Laurel’s upset to be part of their relationship problems and her pain is soon shared by Marlon whose heart aches to see his estranged wife in so much distress. Unable to keep his distance any longer, Marlon suggests Laurel moves back in to Tall Trees.

Cain is loving having one up on Robert now Aaron has told him they have been having an affair despite promising his nephew he won’t use the information. Yeah, right!